one fish, two bird

hurry quik!!! paintings and cards are being snatched up quickly. the thing is the work has only been up since saturday and this is just one example of the items being sold. i decided to take a trip down to mojo last night for a mountain bowl and to check out the 'state-us' of my art. i wanted to look at my work all the while pertending or not letting on that i was the artist. my friend did most of the talking and questioning. i was a bit disappointed that a few of my title cards had fallen, were lost and my artist statement was not to be found. i'll just have to let the little disorganization thingy go. no big woof! aside from all of that i excited beyond belief. wondering who might've purchased the "one fish, two bird." if you or anyone else you know might have any leads in this investigation, i might beable to see if there is a specially nice little card to send your way. anyway just thought you'd like to know what's walking out the doors.

in other news...things i love thursdays is back again. today i wanted to share my love of melamine. too bad i didn't think about it until today, otherwise i would have take photos of all the melamine i recieved via ebay after my 2002 housefire.

check out the sweet melamine i found at fred flare's

it's as if hilary's sweet paper doll's were transferred to these great plates. the really cool thing about the melamine were the amazing colors. at cvs the new summer line of dishes has come out. there is one type with these nice great big flowers on them and even though i cannot stand walmart there's some great plasticware there too. the clear glasses with spots. holy cow too cute! and i know i know i've shared this with you before but you've got to look at french bull. they have the best designed melamine ever!!! i don't need anymore of this stuff, but i can never refuse a looksie or an 'i love this.'


Anonymous said...

hey cath, what price do you have on Migration? I love that piece!

dopeattic said...

wooohooo are you^see above updated price post :) i'm totally curious anon.