you'd think that i'd have something to show after two weeks of having my paints, pallette, and various inspiration readily here. but nothing, nada, zip, zero. the only things i worked on, which unfortunately i have no new photos...was my birthday calendar, completed/finished. hanging oh so delicately with my badge plaque on the fridge. will take fotos soon, also will show multiple ways to attach to surface ie try magnets!!!


ellia said...

is this your workspace?! ohhhhhhhhhh its beautiful and full of energy and gosh, just plain organized and pretty!!! wow! and so bright too! (hmm, my whole place has that fuzzy vintage feel and while that is nice, photos tend to be dark)

andrea said...

oh yes, so very nice to see your workspace... I love the way the paints are all laid out so neatly. just waiting to be squeezed and used. so lovely.