blue tuesday & meme

"the blue light of live at five." can anyone guess the band with which this lyric has been sung? i must admit today might be the only day i participate in this week's great idea. only because i've been limited in my computer time here.

i must say i love love love the blue and the aqua. the new blue and new aqua. first, i was messing around with my camera and got a bunch of average light/blur shots. the one on the right is good enough for me though. second, i'm in love with my blue sleeping bag. even though it's a cheapo it's more about the color than anything else...and i must say or admit to taking photo after photo with manual feature, while the auto feature sucks a bright flash washout. i end up getting a whole lot of orange tinted pictures. the outcome, after putting the pic into paint and inverting the colors, are these great blue tinted pics. try it! as if you haven't. i don't know if i do it all on purpose, it's just more of a habit sort of instinct thingy. thirdly, lamp would be the best cowboy paraphenalia that i have ever have had in my possession. it was actually (help me out mom if i am wrong) my dad's lamp when he was a young lad. i have it in my kitchen in the corner by the microwave and it gives off a rare non halogen orange-y vintage glow. for some of you, that may be hard to imagine but it's more about the feeling. you know?

i must add that this morning i went to the post office and picked up the most exciting packages ever!!! and i'll be taking lots of photos to share. i must say that my swap partner pinned the tail on the donkey when she picked out and sweetly sent the precious things...she's a genius in color!!! even though it's not surprise for me any longer i'll keep you surprised until i get pics. also ellia sent a surprise my way. geez! i am overwhelmed and overjoyed. i have put packages together but haven't sent, so you all keep your eyes peeled! :)

top 5 must-haves:

in my fridge:
1. veggie products
2. individually wrapped bags of mini carrots
3. soy yogurt
4. rice milk
5. tofutti cream cheese (a definite must)

in my closet:
1. hoodie's-even in the summer
2. skirts-of ever shape and color, my favorite are the a-line type. but i have a thousand skirts now that are actually too big for me. i refuse to wear shorts in the summer so it's skirt's-a-gogo.
3. scarves-that is winter knitted type scarves. i have several and cannot wait until winter time to wear them.
4. if john kerry were a shoe, which would he be? the answer to my fourth must have is flipflops. i have a bunch and my favorite are the reef's i got last year in the gulf.
5. the martha stewart mesh laundry basket

in my purse:

continued tomorrow...

in my car:

on my TiVo:


Carol Collier said...

Hi Honey,
Actually the lamp was daddy's grandmothers second husbands lamp.Whew - did you get that?
It really is cool and I am glad it is in the pocession of someone who appreciates it and will take care of it.
I love you,

katiek said...

I too have a love affair with color. For me it's green, like grass green. And with all the spring happening I am pleased, through the pollen, that the green is here. Even though we have to mow it now. Put us together and we have the ocean!

I do love that lamp, I wondered where you got it.

Glad that your swap was a success! Mine makes me want to work on Eden B's book again, before she turns 1.

I too love the 5 things meme. Guess I better do it.