oh where art here there everywhere

i just finished whipping up this little photograph ala mode. i have noticed while frequenting my favorites that this sort of whimsical style graf-design is hot on the street. i have not gotten around to creating my own font, not that i said i would be or had the time or moolah. although one day...let's just say i hope.

this past weekend was a blast, for the most part. on friday night, in which i actually didn't have to work but it poured, stormed terribly. i went to a bridal shower for d. at t's house who happens to be the owner of blueskies. what a wonderful, absolutely enchanting experience and home t. has. amy gast was there and we hit if off, after not having seen her in probably like a year. she's a dear, so sweet and loving. creative too...i hope to get together with her very very soon.

on saturday i went to mom and dad's for brunch. a nice time was had by all. including my mommom and poppop from the great northeast-new jersey. we sat in the newly paint brightly china blue sun room. emoore and i helped mom pick out the color. thinking about the trends re: blue and chocolate brown. she ended up finding these fantastic wicker chairs that are blue/mustard yellow with a table. oh gosh. so gorgeous, so cath kidston!!!! hi five mom on the decor! i had a wonderful time catching up with the gparents. and then headed out to ava's four bridges fest. i did a very quick walk thru and found things to be quite-crowded. i saw friends and great, really good artists. lucinda and nick were hanging out at her booth. carolyn k. and lisa norris. i didn't know lisa had site, but it's a must must must see: madebyonegirl. such a sweet booth setup. i brought my camera but felt too sheepishly about taking any pics. come wednesday i'll have some great links, but for now i'll leave you with that.

i don't remember, but at some point on saturday my key to my apartment broke off, thankfully matt plied it out and we raced to get dups right o way. i literally went a little ape-poop on the situation. i regained so composure and felt entirely embarassed. and truely what it all came down to was that i so so so need a freak n cigarette. how stupid and ridiculous does that sound? i got my fix and was fine until much later that evening. i tend to need the smoke when i'm about to go to sleep. i'm still working on quitting. it's the hardest thing ever.

i cleaned this weekend. and painted too. i just entered ellia's second swap. this time it's all about the vintage. you should join, if you're up to it! i'd like to know who's reading, especially the person in saudi arabia or iraq...do you know who you are? totally curious in chatt. i'm calling out the csi!!!

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