am i it?

yeah yeah i can't tell you how much i love love my fellow bloggers! i have met so many new wonderful friends, i mean just recently thanks to ellia and her great swaporamas! the dear shashi tagged me with five things. i enjoy these sorts of thingy's but suppose many of my readers might be bored. i wonder if i should lie?

five things

five minutes to yourself

pluck the tiny black hair from my chin (opps!)
smoke a cigarette (dang!)
check my email
doodle layer after layer of waves (i'll have to
take a pic sometime)
sleep for actually a whole lot longer the five...

five bucks to spend right now

4 packs of trident chewing gum
a green tea smoothie from charbucks
t-shirt from ole' navy
rice dream choc. covered popsicle (vegan)
new little boys orange and grey ankle socks

five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn't thought of already

the stupid fussball table(please someone come and pick it up, i don't have time for chatt's freecycle)
yes, i have old magazines too. usually every year i go through all of them and i either bring them in on nurses day and i give them to elizabeth, dr. n.'s nurse or i lay them out for patients
old half burnt candles
fake plastic fruit
rotting strawberries in my fridge
beautiful paper bags with handles like from department stores (i.e. banana republic)(a trait i'm so fortunate to have picked up from my wunderbar mutter)

five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house

well geez, considering i've lost everything in a house fire september 2002 and have slowly been accumulating everything again...i realize there isn't anything i can't live without. i really enjoy my eggcup collection, postcard collection and i love all the paint and paper i have managed to recollect over the last almost four years. i mostly never want to lose my sanity or my faith. i do love my retro microwave and all of my wonderful mobiles hanging from the never on halogen light in the kitcholiving room.

five words you love

i do so love words and specific words another BIG GEEZ! i mostly group my favorite words together for instance: instead of saying holy cow!!! you might hear me exclaim: "holy matrimony!!!" try it, it's hilarious:) i also picked this one up: bad news as in bad news bears, suck the buck, oh for pete..., unga bunga(thanks d.), ohooohoooho bruther. of course there are my bits and babbles of poetry/prose, that i never speak of. i do like putting words that sound the same together, much like a rap artist, dude! anyway i suppose i'll also have to come up with an example of my "word love." i also dearly appreciate crossword puzzles. awh so much.

and i would like to run and catch up with and tag: the bestest friend kate and a new swap partner agnes and cool girl andrea and um let's see toryssa how about it? and last but not least or maybe two more, i mean what the heck rebecca give it a go and the dear hannah:)

over and out


greenbean mama said...

hahaha, the chin hair got me rolling!!! i have that on my mole and its weird how straight they can be... at least you are light haired so it shouldnt be that bad righ?1

so sorry to hear about the 2002 fire... i dont know what'd i do! what happened?!

and did quit smoking not work out for you?! i am telling you, i didnt stop until i was pregnant with diego... two packs a day down to zero... no wonder i fiend still...diego is forever around me so i will never go back... although it is tempting

ohhh a fuseball table?! girl, i'd love one of those babies! i can kick butt in those hahaha!

a very neat post and not in the least boring!!!! (i am finally catching up)

andrea said...

I'm on it, sister. just been waiting around for the tag on this one. :)