TILT* & more from the mouth

just look at these little guys!!! when aaron and laurie went to prague for their honeymoon they brought me back a couple of these little ones, i believe the hedgehog and ummmm maybe the owl, i actually have forgotten...jen gave me another three, two christmas's ago. the five of these tiny little glass creatures sit in my special box on my kitchen counter in the corner. even though i have scaled back on the nick nacky stuff, i still must have a place display my favorite small things. so for thursday i love my little things. i actually haven't got much more. this morning i felt terrible and thought i might not make it to work. i felt dizzy and top heavy for some reason...i feel much better and don't mind the sweet green tea frappe' from charbucks, yumi! i haven't got to work tonight, so maybe i'll get some painting done. we shall see. i have the vintage love swap and another postcard swap to work through in the next couple of weeks. i have pics from the weekend with friends and fam but haven't got to a pc with my wire to upload. yikes!!!

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