vertically spectacular

i have actually been busy making art, more paintings. i finished this small sunflower piece last week and hand delievered it to the recipient. a coworker asked me to paint several canvas of sunflowers, so that she could decorate her kitchen. the first painting i did wasn't as hot, so to speak. but this second go around, though the picture isn't necessarily proof, went a whole lot better. i will be doing two more sunflower paintings as soon as i finish the bicycle. i wanted to thank you guys for encouraging and uplifting words re: my last post. being so short is the underlying thing in my mind. if there was ever something i'd want to change about myself that'd be it. i'm older now and the heighth thing doesnt' get me down. but the challenge becomes my weight. anyway, when i was in highschool i always felt heavier than the other girls, even though i wasn't. it was just the vertical thing. but really i am thankful for the looks i've been give. i am thankful too, for looking like a young'in. so yeah thank you for writing and letting me know that you're thinking of me. my long time friend a.h.b. wrote me and reminded me about how she, her sister and i used to have sleepovers, cram into my single bed and stuff our mouths with fireballs, contesting ourselves into a giggling, drooling mess. truly a long time ago. we also used to make mudballs and wrap them up in leaves. i think i must've tried to get my little brothers to eat mud.

my weekend was just alright. and today, here at the workforce i've felt really on edge. totally pissed. and i'm not really sure why. my day started out in a slightly difficult way, when i found out that c in the city was in the emergency room. so georja and i walked over there to find her as pale as a ghost-she's the practices receptionist who had nasal surgery almost two weeks ago. she woke up this morning, gagging and choking on blood. totally scared she ran to the bathroom and got and ice pack but began to black out so she called the ambulance. she finally got a hold of her sister, but she really doesn't have family here in the area. totally sad, immensely scary. she'll be alright but my head has been elsewhere all day. anyway keep the girl in your prayers. she'll be outta work another day or two.

i have tons of pictures from my brother's last performance with jairus-indie rock band breakup party at lamar's on saturday night. so that's it.

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