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my thoughts were these plus more. as i mentioned and lost in my last post when my office electricity surged on friday. i have a whole lot to say actually and so very little time at the moment. only because its the end of my day and i'm busy posting moolah.

today is tuesday june 27 2006: i actually feel like i am accomplishing things again. i say around most of last week i was exhausted mostly, unmotivated or paralyzed with the projects stacking up around me. on saturday i went to my boss's home for a girl's only pool party. there are a few pictures floating around from the rowdy event so beware. i am no where near the tan or the slim i wish i were. sincere and a million thanks to mom though for the purchasing of my brand spankin new bathing suit. i assure you it makes me feel a whole lot better. otherwise i'd be sporting a frown and a frumpy blue vintage bathing suit. it only looks like that because it's too big for me now. i am trying not to gloat, because i realize i have a ways to go in my ideal size/weight. i'm working out at night now. at least two to three times weekly. i have got to do something about my "thunder" thighs. sheesh! the pic above is what i might call my claire danes look alike pic. just a little like when she was in r&j. maybe?

so on sunday i decided to stay at home and do laundry and finish my postcard swap. i finally got all of my cards out into the mail yesterday and am so excited to see what everyone sends and how the response is. i think this will have been my fourth postcard swap and so i'm now thinking i will start a book with all of the cards it in from all the swaps i've participated in. yet another project, but at least i'd have the cards organized. afterall it would be a nice way to show people, as well as a resource for inspiration.

so what's left, well i have begun putting together my swap for nina, because i know the green is presently waiting for my pickup at the p.o.b. like i need more melmac but i couldn't resist the bright green. so summery and potentially seasonal. i've got my mugs out, ready to go in the box, but i'm still trying to get a few more things together, i want it to be worth nina's while, you know? i also started a letter to a friend, which i'll keep a secret until more things come together for her...

i'd like to finish my freezing tree 2 painting and the bicycle painting too, so that i'll have work to put into the legacy fine arts festival if i get in. kate has kindly said i could borrow her tent. woohoo! so nothing should stand in my way. wish me luck. my deadline is right around the corner. yipes!!!

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ellia said...

i think your tree paintings are just beautiful!!! and as far as your new bathing suit?! congrats!!!! at least you wear one!! i havent worn a bathing suit in FOREVER!!! i've been forever conscious about stretchmarks (i got these WELL BEFORE diego) and a very small bust (very small- haha) i guess you can be thin and still self conscious- regardless of how we weigh, we can always find something not perfect with our body... but its admirable when people dont care and feel free! and in my opinion, i dont see why your weight is an issue, i think you look beautiful!!!