my week in color: grey 101

my knowledge of grey revolves around this corner of my office. i wore a grey shirt today without thinking of my week in color. i thought i would like having a pair of grey new balance shoes, but have found them to be rather plain, slowly turning brown. i enjoy the grey skies of chattanooga. only because grey has a tendency to make everything around it look so bright and colorful, absolutely brillant. at scad it was pointed out while touring that their gallery walls are all painted grey inorder to accentuate the vivid color student work. a small dream i'd have if i owned a home would be to paint my rooms in shades of grey. awh wouldn't that be nice?

back to the office space though, i must explain that my office area isn't as boring as it looks. i' work at a long aqua-teal counter like desk that has cabinets above. actually the office as recently redecorated/updated and so there's fresh wallpaper and better "office art.'' we actually hate the copy machine and it tends to get the beatings. i don't believe in the ink fairy and we take turns feeding the machine a ream of paper now and again. i think grey is soothing for the most part and i doubt i could live without it's slimming looks when worn, like in a t-shirt. hope you have perfectly grey day.


katiek said...

That picture cracks me up!! oh mi gosh. So office like. I mean that could be the front of a greeting card with some witty cubicle joke inside. I keep thinking of the scene in Office Space where they beat up the copier? printer? with a basball bat with gangsta rap in the back ground. HAH! Keep a lookout in your mailbox :)

Karina said...

That is funny, I just watched Office Space the other night. Hilarious. I worked a temp job in the winter where there was an absence of colour. Everything was shades of grey and green and brown. It drove me crazy...So i wore crazy orange pants and pink and yellow (maybe not all at once, but always clashing). It was good to cheer me up and nice to know that atleast there was Some colour to be seen.