wednesday: green

what we do and when we're close. when we were children, we'd build dropcloth sheet forts out in the backyard. another day another green, first day of summer. we haven't had rain in over a week the gas in my car is evaporating right out of the tank, just because it sits outside in the hot hot sun. i can't bare the heat and love when fall moves in upon us. summer fun begins whether i like it or not. like a pool party on saturday and gulfshores in july. for the life of me i cannot figure out why on earth my legs have never tanned. i work in an oncology office fully aware of melanoma but it hasn't stopped me from using up my tanning bed visits. i have been going here and there, laying for 15-20 minutes and nothing nothing nothing changes about my ghastly ghost legs. my parents got back from cancun the day before yesterday and my mother was bright, bronze and beautiful. my father well the man is pale. boy do i follow in his little genetic footsteps.

green thoughts as in i wish i had a garden. i do have what i've identified as an orange tree growing in the pot that once held my banana tree. and the day before yesterday matt gave me some moneyplant seeds. while mom was on her trip i watered her gardens and felt the greenthumb pulling me. green thoughts of making and sending out my postcards. i mean i've addressed four of them, but i've got a whole lot on my plate. i'm relaxing. i'm painting a concrete sunflower for amp. and finally i'm getting the most beautiful colored green melmac in the world. details to come. i also have been working on something, just today on the computer, but in my mind prior. that i hope to beable to share with you at some sooner future point. at first it was a "fringe" thought but now it is becoming more of a reality. nothing to huge, not like getting new previa or bringing home a new baby. no waste wednesdays and spt is abandoned for now.

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katiek said...

Love your new banner!!! And I do so love that picture of your brothers. I told Josiah that "those are Ms. Cats brother's: Aaron and Ethan" "Ohhhhh!" He said.

And about my Previa, my A/C died yesterday. Kinda mad, but the guy we got it from is a good man, unless he's a suberb liar. Trying to stay positive. I got my Dad's CRV until the 4th and that's a blessing so we can fix whatever needs to be fixed while we have *5* cars in the drive. Pray that communication and resolution will come easily. We did pay peanuts for it (peanuts for a CAR!)

Ok, enough about me. Great talking with you the other day. Come September we'll be around alot more!

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