green my freckles

i have so little to share or say. i am concentrating on work. while attempting to clear out the serious cobwebs in my head. the blue feelings have been surrounding me for the last three or so weeks, mainly because of unresolved illness. i finally decided to ask for a script yesterday, because nothing else was helping. i hope to feel better within the next twenty-four hours. there's no use in complaining, all and all i am completely fine, there's no comparison to those i see daily suffering from some form of cancer. i haven't been with friends and i've not been creative at all. blogging is a burden if i'm to do it at work. and i haven't taken a whole lot of photos to share. i am looking forward to a 10 days of vacation. gulfshores again. new bathing suit, new j.jill skirt, new pictures to share, new thoughts, new hope. i am neglecting some things and really trying hard to focus on other more important things. i do miss being here and i'll will return with probably a lot more fevor. just for now i'm giving my fingers a rest. i'm like andrea, making lists, i'm like katie getting my act together on life. i see the rest of july and august to be good. times with friends to share. so so so needed. i also can't wait to make things again. a break may have been what i needed but i'm going to have to shake the green my freckles.

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