one in the spirit

i made it through a difficult week of twelve hour days, monday through friday. when saturday morning rolled around i was ready for a day off with best friends both younger and older. we had so much fun with one another that the time flew by. at one point i sat imaging us all together in the same city again. how we'll be able to do this galavanting around the water parks, savoring a good ole PB&J, talking blogs and craft, painting and babies. i know the dear people in my life care about me when they let their children(josiah) run arms outstretched yelling out "miss cat, miss cat" proceeding to explain fire trucks, sirens and water fountains to me. what a joy! what a joy! i never want for anything when josiah is around my neck. i never could ask god for my own children, when he has given me so much when he created josiah, eden b. and lavendar.

i also worked on art over the weekend, specifically poison tree. notice i've got two links because i've got to differnt lighting effects on the picture. i'm completely pleased with my progress and can't wait for it's completion. it'll come up in etsy as soon as i can get it done. i'm also really excited about my vision-concept. re: trees. something i hope i can prosper in and with. check out my drawing: welcome tree from several years ago. goes to show how much i love trees. just because. i have also put recycled air up in my shop. it's a little pricey but totally worth it. i used my sewing machine to sew the entire thing, now it is framed in matte glass, barely there glare, double the cost but so nice. i really hope someone loves it enough someday to purchase it. because it is so beautiful. obviously the photo quality could be better but i'm hoping you all get the jist.

i was completely invigorated by my saturday off. i really hope the same can be said about the other participants. i know it's difficult with kids, but i'm so happy that i'm still included and that my singleness lends itself to helpfulness. those of you who have children should also try your hand at having many single friends, plus a few elder folk. it helps for perspective and adjustment to each new stage of life. i feel affirmed in my relationships when i'm not exactly the same as the next person, or not in the same place. thanks for the great times girls!

i think many of you are not reading anymore, like my early readers and it maybe because i'm not crafting as much but i hope you all are finding good stuff elsewhere. it is interesting how blogs take on phases and lives of their own. which brings me to how it's bizarre that in my reading i have found other female bloggers posting re: negative feedback and comment making. first it started here and then to here. several months ago i read about some scrapbooking bloggers being dogged out by other scrapbooking bloggers or "real" collage artists. it seemed like such an unattractive mess from the outside, although i could also see it being ironed out through exposure and confrontation. i have only experienced a small amount of negative commentry from a specific person who will remain anonymous. at that time i took my archives off and instigated the comment moderation thingy. it hurt my feelings because my life changes from day to day. why would anyone go back and comment on stuff that was going on over a year ago?

i too have heard that political blogs are places of great strife and conflict-i avoid them all together. i remember when the presidential elections were going on and how even crafty bloggers were writing about their likes and dislikes, their disgust with our future/current president, i was putoff by it all and felt like making snide remarks on other people's blogs (i.e. united blue states of america/united red states of america) which i may have, but man i cannot imagine attacking someone's art or craft. what the hell are you thinking when you decide to critcise someone else's work or (life)? it reminds me that nothing is pure and righteous in this world and that we all need grace. i pisses me off because i figure of all the people in the world, female crafty bloggers might serve to gain a national or global position of peace. we are people of great humility, service and open mindness. we are people who craft because we love art and love using our hands, we don't give a damn about the color of your skin, your religion, your age or your economic position. when it comes down to a postcard swap or any sort of swap for that matter, i'm not looking to see if you are a christian or not. i'm not looking to see if you care or even read my blog. my goal is to share, share unconditionally. that's why it is so hurtful when anyone is negative, my god it's pathetic if it's anonymous too! i wanted to weigh in because i know how important blogging has become for me and so many of my friends. it's unity, it is peace, it is love and learning. my prayers are that negative comments end and as stupid as it sounds i hope the sour critcisim is stifled by the brillant minds of the people who have crafted/blogged/and written before and after me. i haven't got the mind a of genius but i know if we give up on speaking out, if we passively walk through life we'll never see our greatest ideas some to fruition. i also know that we can have a great influence all over the world. thank you jane and six n a half! your words are good strong and courageous! don't give up!


jen said...

cat a cat cat... so fun to be with you this past weekender. makes me miss you even more somehows. smile.
i was checkin out poision tree and the recycled air and am just in love with them. really nice work there with both pieces. you should be very proud of these, cat. i find myself a little green... not sure if i want to say that their mine or if i just would like to see them on my wall...probably a little of both. smile - talk mores lata

katiek said...

oh,cat you made me cry! thanks for enjoying and loving on my kids so much. I do look forward to being closer to you guys in the future. I REALLY look forward to making art together again.

I'll need to go back and read this post again about the neg comments on blogs etc... But I gotts to take a shower!!