seashells, legacy thought & TILT

seashells this year weren't as plentiful, pretty or big. the biggest one i found, as seen in the bottom left hand corner is grey, drabish and full of potholes. i wonder if katrina might have had a hand in great shells being found last year, thus everything left was swept out to sea this year. in honor of andrea being able to go to the butterfly fest i thought it'd be nice to post photos of seashells as butterflys. the only way i can think to display shells is a pile. i'd like to do a seasonal aquarium or frame them somehow though. anyone for ideas. i am still thinking of entering legacy. maybe i'll just do two pieces instead of the extensive booth thing. there's also the whole kicking it into high gear thing-making and painting a ton more work if i got in and had to do the booth.

i am also approaching my second year blog birthday i believe july 28th is it, although i have absolutely no clue how many posts at this point...but i've been debating about some sort of celebration thingy's. i kind of want to do two things: 1. surprise the 12,000 visitor who comments with a present from me and 2. this one is a little bit different but i thought about changing my blog entirely; the name, the look, the whole kit and kaboodal. i have ideas which have been graphically worked on but that's about it. i also thought i'd be nice to host a mid summer postcard swap/recipe swap with andrea because we're strung out on the heat thing but i've not gotten with her on this tip. there's also these ideas about selling everything i own on ebay. but that really has nothing to do with a blog birthday bash. i have taken some better photos of "recycled air" thinking i'll post it on ebay within the month. etsy too! i just want to see a little bit more profit, even 1 buck would do...

a being that it's thursday i'd like to participate in TILT today and say that i so so so love maps and wouldn't be about selling off my map magnets.

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Nina said...

Sounds like your gears are really turning.It all sounds fun!!