sweet & sour

i have driven down to gulf shores every year for the last three years in my little black nissan sentra. a week ago tuesday i was driving down main to get cheaper gas in the ghetto when with a smack-crack, a large rock hit my windshield, a inch higher it would've missed the glass completely and i would have been left with a large dent. but oh no! thankfully the rock did not go through the glass, could it have? i wonder. initially there were three small tributaries pulled by gravity toward the wipers. they were only about six inches long, but growing rapidly with every bump and rising degree. over the course of my trip i watched and marked the growth in the glass each day. kinda of getting used to a junkshield, kinda wishing i could get a new rabbit or something cool like that. thinking about the cost, wishing i had shield coverage.

even with a crack i was able to take some fine cloud shots on my way out of town. i am not one for sunsets or sunrises for that matter but give me a bright blue sky and some heavy white bellowy clouds and it's a sureshot! i love doing things simply with color and blue/orange and brown are such hot beach colors, for instance all of the newest bikini's and bathing suits are shades of brown and blue or mostly aquaturq. this year the trip was better than it has ever been, female dynamics can be a nightmare, but we made it out of the gulf alive. the only thing that i wanted to purchase were reef's but forwent the pleasure, and there weren't shells, big shells, just tiny ones. oh well there's always next year.

i got my package for nina together last night and went to the post office just now but the postlady said i hadn't addressed the box correctly and she wanted to pick my lotta jasdotter address labels off, i said oh geez no thank you! little pe-od but won't be mailed today, tomorrow though for sure. no new crafting news but feeling good about art and making and oh

one other thing: when driving down to the gulf my coworker and friend ann mentioned that i was sort of like a piece of sour candy, the more you go back to it and suck on it (not me) the sweeter it is on the inside. okay so this doesn't hurt my feelings i mean, i've got the hard tough outer shell and tend to trust and love as i get to know a person thus becoming sweeter. plus i think ann was referring to our early conversations five years ago re:911 and terrorism. she said that my thoughts and ideas/comments were difficult for her to take in, in the beginning, but she always wanted more and never refused the debates. it's honestly quite weird when a coworker has such depth of thought about my character and personality. at the same time i'm happy with my sweet & sour ways. sure there are flaws in most every character but i have always sought peace in conflict and truth in depth. what we have in the office becomes superficial and wrapped in the newest clothes, but trips like the 2006 bt gives us the op to change perspective and grow as a group. afterall the docs have got some clue, ABSOLUTELY NO TURNOVER! i have often been described as a cat, but i think i'll stick to the candy comparison.

one dream a day: purchasing and old delapitated brick building on mlk blvd. turning it into a hostile/school/orphanage for people.

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