weight on my mind

there is no proof that things have changed, just by looking on the outside of things. there may be a tan, a better smile with whiter teeth, there maybe fresh clothes and a better haircut but the truth remains that change must be developed, encouraged and nurtured in the heart, first. like in war the heart and mind must battle for possession of the body. my side by side comparison isn't to show a major outward appearance because there isn't one. it's not to brag or boast or even justify. it is a way for me to show my gratitude to those who have given me their encouragement and love. being back in the depths of reality challenges me to pick up where i left off. walking everyday and eating less of the bad stuff, you know all that fun stuff. but i want to work on the other stuff too like having a happier spirit, letting the less important things roll of my back. in addition i am going to work on making my dreams come true. gosh i never thought i'd write "hopeful, giddy" words and wrap them around "dreams." i have everything i need but cannot help but want more. next year i do want that laptop-my compass for art direction. but that's it for now.


Nina said...

Hello Cat.I believe you are a wonderful person choosing to make things happen then just letting them happen and that takes alot because it is easier to give up then to keep on going no matter what comes your way.Just to let you know that being a winner is not one who always wins every battle but the one that keeps going that to me is a winner!I applaud you!:)

Carol Collier said...

Hi Sweetie,
You are a thing of joy in my life. Thanks be to God for giving you to me.
Keep seeking Him.
I love you,