circles and cycles

last night things in my mind took a turn, a bend in the road, so i'm in the clear. i have managed to circle back and recycle the negative things, walk six miles, from the boathouse to the aquarium and all is well within the mental health of this nation of cat. will i finish anything? stay tuned.

can you believe it? the sheer creative madness behind w.w. has revealed herself. i am a very proud owner of one of her super dooper wee's. mae (aka moe) has brightened many a day for me! man it's been so long ago, the pics i have are when i only had the dino-cam. although i do have recent fam photo (closeup of mae) of the crew that resides under my lamp.

and besides i heart these round cyclical sort of shapes both in nature and in things like geometry, who wouldn't love a round home-like a silo.

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