owl for an owl

i'm moving on, by inverting the colors, modpodging, thinking more about painting upon my paper quilt series. thoughts of white on collage, robots, birds, and trees. how? ugh the biggest and hardest question though. i started another painting, a very large painting. i am trying to keep up the pace. i'm not working this weekend so hopefully i'll have some shots of wip. it's of a tree, yes another tree, but you've got to remember my concentration, my spirit of concept must not sway. i do not like the tree that i've painted at all so there is much work to follow. saturday morning i'll be heading out to brunch with my mom and dad. i'm thinking of pool time with jen. and church on sunday. fajatas up on the mountain and working at the rx on monday, time in half holiday pay.

i am not sure we are to speak of financial victories or not, but two weeks ago the docs i work for here at uoha agreed upon a four percent yearly household income raise, i have asked for a little bit more than that, and i think i may be getting it. so far i've gotten really good feed back from the o.m. it isn't as though i'll be able to quit the rx, but last year i happened to owe the irs a grand, my dear father helped me out, but i am still indebted. there is grace in all of this.

i've gotten the most incredible feedback on the paper quilt series things. i really appreciate your looking, encouraging words and thoughts. have a great weekend.

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aunt cathy said...

I love the birds and the trees and I miss seeing you.