reality away

i just got finished eating less than half a soggy blackbean burger and i'm not certain it isn't going to haunt me. i have got a pile of projects to accomplish this afternoon before heading out for the weekend, to work at the pharmacy. i desperately need a power nap right about now, a soymilk iced mocha or s.m.o.k.e. i have had a different week a much much better week, less work more fun!

tuesday: rembrandt's with m.c. and laurie
wednesday: b.s. @ calvary, 6 mile walk with carolyn and blisters
thursday: much much needed evening with jen and lavender, sweet starfish aloe too, veggie pizza umm.
friday: work
saturday: work
sunday: work

i am almost finished with till we have faces by c.s. lewis, next it's onto wendell berry. i am working on a essay, might enter it into an essay contest but i really need my genius writing brother aaron's help. my other brother's a genius too but he's a builder. i'm the red dot in the middle of everything. do you have a grasp of your reality? i am working on it. sunday my electricity went out for three hours, boy was that a sign i needed to be quiet, reflect, acknowledge and well pray just a little. next week i should be back to posting consistently. i'm off. thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


katiek said...

I about wrote you to ask how are ya. Glad you're having FUN! You always need it. We're coming up for Gallery Hoppin the weekend of Sept 9. Luv ya

becki said...

thanks for the email update! i WILL write you, and soon. i am much busy right now! it sounds like you are too! i love what you're doing with your life.