pastures of afterglow

yesterday or the day before, i am not so sure, i was on my way to the rx, stuck in terrible bridge traffic and desperately wishing bad drivers would disappear. in these crazy moments i have also become keenly aware of my dissatisfaction with the radio station selections in my city. they aren't distracting me as much from the day to day and so i settle in with the national public. on this particular day, possibly monday i found myself in the middle of a conversation with the infamous ryan adams. this was exciting for me because i just recently saw ryan at the tabernacle in atlanta and thought the show was great, just great! i also had no idea that things were the way they are for him. 3 albums in 7 months, my goodness the man is a songwriting machine. and all the attitude and controversy, i couldn't believe my naive (i'm not naive though) little ears. i mean who knew he was such a freakin' rebel?

beyond these minor things i must say the weather has been of the utmost-beautiful. i just went outside for the break and found a cloudless blue sky, a blue so warm and comfortable it called out to me, to seek happiness, friendship, autumn leaves, orange cream pumpkins, and the daily 3 mile hike around the hospital campus. unga bunga. my sister in law took a trip down to frazier avenue, to blueskies and brought me back a baby glass pumpkin, so cute, i died. jumping and squeeling, because i'd seen it last week and forewent the temptation to buy and thought 'oh god would bless me with even the smaller things if i might just let go of this one thing so tiny and wonderful, this time.' i really think that because i let it go, it came back to me in such a perfect little way. i also decided to go ahead a sign up for amy's incredible mailorder. i'm all set to go on the halloween garland and i'm ready to pitch the clothes, shoes and boxes i've got piled up in my apt. it's time for fall cleaning, i'm not up on the spring time ways of cleaning. and well let's see i'm bored here at work, fairly caught up and thinking i should purge charts! yikes. i'm outta here, enjoy the weather, cool nights, bugless days, imagine the brown leaf scents and back to school butterflies. i've not been in school for ten years and i still get the tiniest turn overs in my tummy in the morning. geez. and who has experience with fake eyelashes? just curious. i'm back and happier can you tell? i've gotten the best of encouragement. love and heart going out to all of you.

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