with august over

i can't tell you how happy i am that august is now behind me. the beginning of the month was quite treachorous, the middle of the month things really started to pick up but now that it is september i'm back into the swing of things. i have not felt as productive, as i do at this point. on friday night i called kate and we caught up on a whole lot. while on the phone she reminded me that several years ago i decided that when making my art, especially collage, that i would utilize my drawing and painting skills. it is a challenge in collage to incorporate one's own ideas. in the beginning i spent a whole lot of my time cutting up magazines and things. now a piece isn't complete until i've added a larger element of my own. so over the weekend i began the second phase of the process with the paper quilt series, pushing myself to overcome and reflect my own drawing ability. i planned on the push in the first place, but it's hard. to have what looks to be a complete work, having to begin again, drawing...yikes! so far so good, although the first (blue paper quilt) has not been completed, it's got a blue bird!

i also began the largest painting i've ever worked on before. i'm excited because i initially bought the canvas to paint a commisson for my brother and sister n law. but they have decided on a triptych cityscape, so i won't be using this over 3 foot by over 2 foot canvas for them, i get to use it for the pretending/posturing tree. i really haven't got the gumption to show it all because it's all rather crude in the beginning but i like how the shapes and colors are coming together. kate was saying how she's incorporated a "jack rabbit" into her paintings because her backyard is full of early morning bunnies. i have strange trees around me the city and often times they are the only green things, catching light and rain. plus, and this is big. this past sunday frank taught from exodus, moses and his people come across a bitter water river, and desperately need their thirst quenched, god shows moses the tree and tells him to push it into the river. the imagery has caught up with me! i've never had this type of experience before, what shall i do?

tonight i've got b.s. and judges. and jesus christ, whether you believe or not, has raised me up in my job. he has made a way and i have found financial victory! praise him! my time at cvs maybe coming to an end. not before christmas though. i'm not sure there's anything else going on. the week is short and i've got to concentrate. i'm looking forward to the weekend with grand friends, gallery hop and all.

dream of the day: laptop by next summer


katiek said...

I'm excited that you've started something so large, excited to stroll around kid free with you and look at (hopefully) good art. I'm excited about your Bible study and wish I had something like that for myself. I want to fulfill that laptop dream for you, but until then I hope that your two job brew-haha is almost over. Luv and hugs

ellia said...

best wishes on your new big project! how exciting!! and september seems to be promising for so many creative people... fun, eh?!

jen said...

so excited about your new piece, Cat a cat! Working on large canvases is always such a huge challenge for me. I am waaaay to comfortable with small spaces. Can't wait to see your work in person... and to hop around the cito with you and Kate...Sooo can't wait!