okay so this is as far as i've gotten and yes yes my robot is blue. i have only a small selection of paint markers, and plus i don't know if i would have liked a red robot so much on a red background. although my plan is to add more detail and silver silver silver. again my apologies for photo quality. i can't say that this week has been one of great artistic motion. i should be showing you all the things i'm giving away. only because it has felt so good, so freeing to create large piles of things i've not touched in oh so many ages. someone is really going to enjoy the clothing, someone will surely beable to use the shoes, and of course there's the huge bag of gift bags and handled bags from department stores to give away. i mean, what does one need all these bags for? i cannot think of one creative thing to do with all of them. from holiday to brown blueskies bags it's all too much and should be reused or recycled by someone other than myself.


katiek said...

well you already know I love the spiffy robot. You could give the blue skies ones BACK to blue skies. I mean, that's helpful for them.

jen said...

cute robot, cat. the blue was a nice choice!

Anonymous said...

catfee be mah faveritizzzllllee