the fringe belongs to us

my right hand is so cold, i'm in the midst of freezing to death here at the workforce, wondering if the fifth floor is slowly becoming the north pole. i have been very busy all morning, attempting to get things together to end the month. along with the fact that there have been some very important etsy matters, flickr matters, selling and producing matters i needed or thought to take care of. no buys! i want to make things more tempting and allow for all kinds of christmas magic to happen. yeah right.

i'll wait to throw the trash out until the garbage can is all the way full. to the top of the bag with junk mail, coffee grounds, and empty soy milk cartons. compositonally the garbage can & bag looks like the devil to me. so yesterday i mention somethings that might be going on around town:
i've mentioned,

a. mule magazine, the third issue has come out, and their presently work on volume 4. number 3 includes people, places and events i've never heard of for instance; versionfest '06. be sure to check out the online web selections when you're there. looks interesting, can you imagine chattanooga being there-apart-facilitating a versionfest of it's own?

b. check out the dramastore found via looking for meg vinson with google. i like what the virginia based org/co-lab the drama is supporting, representing, presenting and promoting. it's not in chattanooga but for all the artists...

who would love to add "published/press" to there blogsidebars, here's yet another op. you all know to that you can contribute art to mags like, juxtapose>see reader art.

c. 3x3
offers attention to new up & coming artists try out getting into their new talent gallery.

d. there's SEED

e. the barking legs theatre RENTS! anyone interested in an exhibit?

f. Rivoli Art Mill is seeking starving artists of all stripes and media to join its community of working and hobbyist artists using the inspirational creative workspaces. The Rivoli Art Mill is a 1910-era former garment mill with post-and-beam timber construction, 16-foot ceilings, 1940s Art Deco facade with glass block and diffused natural light. Several cheap spaces remain and include use of shared woodshop, kitchen and gallery/event/teaching area. Call (423) 265-4287 for appointment to see the workspaces.

that's all i've got for now. this weekend i'm working. saturday evening i might actually get around to making somethings, mapping out the month of december. i wanted to encourage you all, let you know that if you don't fit where you are {as in: you're not a landscape artist and you love graffitti-street art et cetera}, that the fringe is as much of a place to fit as any and it belongs to us.

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