how could i

today: i have no idea how to pick just the right photo, after having returned from a vackay in new york on saturday evening. i am back, really back, back with a bounce, back with a vengence, back with my head and heart full. back to work, back to craft, back to making and painting, back to the daily grid, back to familial activity and accountability.

the thirty third floor of the mariott in times square quickly became our refuge for peace, rest and relaxation. it seemed that we were constantly surrounded by people on all sides and at all times. does anyone go home at night? and the square became more and more insane as the night got later. we were so happy to have great recommendations from shashi and erin, incredible guides and suggestions. we hit up the bxl cafe, schillers, the bodies exhibit, soho, canal street, wooster st. (wooster collective), kidrobot, prosport, parableink, and much much more. anthropologie hit heart strings along with baby diesel and element clothing/bags {eden}. all of these places i just love love love. but i'm so completely thankful to be at home, less than surrounded by the materialism.

i went and spent a whole bunch of moolah at kate's paperie. woohoo! a brand new baby blue 2007 pocket calendar! how bad can you get? angela adams stationary, amy ruppel, and much more. i was entirely excited about taking my first digital photos on the airplane ride home. they are beautiful. i call them g.o.d. pictures, even if you don't believe it's sort of funny to call them that. the bodies exhibit was awe inspiring, black lungs, breast cancer, colon ca. you name it. i can't believe everything i saw. there is no photography allowed so...

i worked and completed my first christmas project yesterday. my stampin up xmas card exchange is tonight and i completed my ten identical cards. see them on my flickr {sidebar}. i have two more to go, first the ornament swap and then the postcard swap. i've got ideas for both and they should be top notch. i'll have more for you tomorrow. thank you for all of your well wishes, i'm so glad to be back, phantomcrimes is home.

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katiek said...

So glad you're back. So glad Laurie felt good. So glad you got to spend so much QT with Erin P. I loved checking out your links and I'm with ya, the fashion is addictive. It makes me want to bargain shop all...day...long. But alas, that won't happen. Can't wait to talk more!