i have come down with the evil illness going around, that which includes: scratchy throat, marathon running nose, drippy and droopy eyes, headache, and backache. by all means keep me in your thoughts, but remember less my complaint. i am really very fortunate that i have plenty of sick time available to me here at the work force. in addition, my dear friend at the rx called to tell me i didn't need to come in again tonight. what a blessing to beable to stay at home and rest.
last night i began the process on both of the swaps i've signed up for. you might think i'm running behind but i really am not. i've got the two swaps perfectly under control. i'm also very excited about getting my moo cards in the mail!!! i picked around eighty seven of my photos to be transformed into these cropped sort of baby pics. 100 of them for awh well $24.95. i hope to use them as both business and gift cards for christmas. originally i had a lot of problems with getting the photos into the correct section, finally i decided to add my photo selections by sets and then drag and delete the photos i didn't want from each group into the trash can. after that it was smooth sailing. i thought this might be a very cool alternative to the regular promo material. i have so desperately wanted a business card, but never have the time to create one, via altavista or wherever.
when i got home from new york i had a pile of fun mail. no perfect packages, but several december issues of martha steward, fitness, and domino! i thinking of doing some different sort of things for thanksgiving, i'm actually having my entire fam over to my apartment. woohoo! and then there is christmas. i was totally inspired by this simple polka dot garland. i'd like to try. i also have some great felt pieces i'm going to put together before all is said and done. after the holidays i'll get back to the painting.
***i am wondering about having an etsy sale, anyone have any thoughts? if i put the work that is in my shop right now up for sale at 50% off, would you all purchase??? please let me know. i'm totally willing to discuss other options and or best offers, trades, or commissions.***

have a nice evening, try and stay warm and cozy wherever you are.

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katiek said...

LUUUUV your new banner. Its hot. Totally describes where you are. Oh Cat I'm so excited about living near you!!! We're gonna have to ration out our time together :) The moo cards are so exciting I could wet myself!! Argh! Awesome, I'm gonna do it instead of pack tonight. And the Garland is awesome too. Before you mark down Der Hund I really really love it. Can I trade some service for it? I'll write you about that....toodles