over the weekend i decided i had better come up with a plan for this week. most likely i will feel bombarded at one point or another but if i'm prepared the crazy feelings might not take hold. this thanksgiving i'm having my entire family over for thanksgiving. we're going to do the traditional thing on friday at my aunt's home. so my mother and i have planned a lovely brunch. that means between working and crafting i will also be doing some baking. for all of you who are curious about how i work two jobs and get enough sleep, get enough me time, get enough fam & friends time, well this is part of how it is done. the simple check off {box} list:

work uoha 9-5
work cvs 6-9
deposit checks
drop off banana republic shirt to mom
postcard project/ornament project after 10pm
sleep @ 12-12:30am

work uoha 9-5
grocery shop for baking ingredients
clean bathroom
dust entire apt.
work on postcard/ornament projects
until 12. {this should be a good day to
get a whole lot of stuff completed!}

work uoha 9-5
work cvs 6-9
spot clean
decorate/layout all thanksgiving brunch

8:00 am wakeup drink nice cup o' tea
bake breakfast cassarole
spot clean
watch the macy's day parade
12 noon give thanks with family
clean up will be easy
evening time: prepare piecrust
bake 2 pumpkin pies

sleep in
3pm or earlier hop over to
aunt c.'s home
6-9 work cvs

saturday & sunday: sleep in, no work except to finish postcard/
ornament projects to mail out before dec 01.

my goal: to stay cool, get sleep, finish these crafty projects, enjoy the family, see the knutson family, give thanks above all!

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katiek said...

Cat, so glad I made your list (toward the end). I'm like tearing up at the idea of living in C10. It's kinda retarded bc I'll be coming back to Marietta in a week and a half. But it's the mindset, totally WOW. Exciting to have your family at your house! Who all does that include? E&M, A&L++, S&C, S&Em? everyone?