surrender sightings

things around my apartment have looked a little like this lately. i cleaned so much, so well, that i haven't felt like messing everything up in the evenings to do the things i really need to do. so i've been making hot chocolate and watching very meaningless televison.

i haven't gotten any feedback about putting art up for sale {50% off} in my etsy shop. except for one special request...i'll be holding on to der hund until she and i come up with a way to trade/deal/swap/sell/purchase the piece. so the only price i've marked down is One Growth. it was 450 bucks, now it is only 250 bucks. i 've gotta charge that much otherwise i won't make a profit on the framing. i just wish i had better photos. my moaning and groaning isn't helping i know but one thing is for sure, i uploaded better photos, more recent photos, so that you can see the car has been replaced by the bicycle.

i also added one christmas card to the shop. it's an extra, i thought i'd put out there. i'm willing to come down on the price if someone really wants it. i also want to sell my christmas wreath. it is in excellant condition. i made it last year and it needs a home this year. but i've not got the greatest pics up yet. so until then check it out. especially if you're a freak about paper!

okay: so i'm going to post a birthday-christmas wish list over the next couple of days and weeks. i hope that's alright with everyone...i've never really just come right out and done this sort of thing before, but i think it's actually very helpful for my family. i'm really excited about this one though! my mom and dad are going to have my carpets cleaned for me! i know it's dorky but after having been in my place for five years i think it's nice fresh start...carpet wise!

1. a subscription to B/D magazine

2. this is my very favorite calendar though!!! a calendar, either from here, here, here, or here. this is a good selection and mom usually gets one for me every year but if i happen to get more than one i'll have a nice one for work too. so don't hestitate to communicate amoungst yourselves...haha!

3. i love this but it's $190 dollars, wait! lara's handmade jewelry is very similar and i'd love to support another beautiful artist. it's more affordable too! i'm in love with the circle shaped beads both in the necklaces and the black pair of earrings! check out her moo cards too! makes me so crazy to get mine in the mail!!! can't wait!!!

4. i'm a huge fan of stationary, lovely design has some of my favorite, only because there are way too many places to mention!!!

5. how can i resist this? it wouldn't fit on my bird tree that's 2 feet tall, but i'm thinking, thinking about purchasing a real christmas tree this year. yipes!!!

this does it for now i'm needing a break from this surf.

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