tidal wave extravaganza

there was so much that i wanted to share about my trip, the small things that i saw, a growing discomfort about how few photos i took. on tuesday we found the bxl cafe in the rain, we actually walked a little too far and past it, can you believe it. we shouldn't have missed the red entryway. i decided on maui maui and leffe blonde. and for dessert well the best we had all we long the greatest pot o' chocolate ever!

the rain on wednesday soaked us through and through. we survived and head up to david letterman's theatre. we actually signed up for free tickets and got a call back! can you believe it? we declined because we didn't want to leave out our other sister n law. that night we went to the bodies exhibit. if you haven't heard about the bodies or been to see the exhibit, i'd recommend that you do. it is not entirely disgusting nor should it make your stomach turn. it isn't worth going into all of the details here and now, i work in an oncology office, seeing the breast, lung and colon cancers were very interesting. did i retain? i found out that babies are born with 300 bones in their bodies and adults have 206 bones in the bodies. semi-meaningless facts.

on thursday laurie and i went to canal street, awh the blur. we had the secert backroom knock off bag purchasing experience, yipes! we didn't stop, just came walking. hit all the places i mentioned yesterday. and on thursday night i went out with erin and jerah. on friday we went back to canal and up through tribeca and into soho. we three bonded as sisters, special conversations and times. plus officially i can announce that l.c. and brother aaron are happily awaiting the birth of their very first children. plural? yes! yes! most of you may already know by now, but now it is safe to say with permission from aaron to tell. aaron and l.c. are going to be the proud parents of twins. l.c. had an ultra sound today and they are 4cm long. yikes! growing so fast. she's due in june, around the third i believe, correct me if i'm wrong. so next year around this time the collier fam will have grown by another "three." we'll have ethan and mary's baby boy: caleb and aaron and l.c.'s twins! yippy! i'm going to be an aunt for real! so it makes sense that we have this great journey to celebrate life before the new phase.

i'm off tonight-doing laundry, working on the ornament and postcard swap.


katiek said...

that is a purty bag cat. and of course I am very VERY excited for aaron and Laurie. Hooray!! Can't wait to see a picture of you with all your nephews/nieces what-have-ya.

jen said...

great pic, cat. I loved seeing NY through your eyes! Josh & I both think that you take some of the most interesting photos we've ever seen... what a gift you have.

so nice chattin wit ya last night... As always, great conversation.

Tell Aaron & Lorie how excited I am for them!!!! so wonderful
smmoooches & such