going to print

to be a child again. to sip and slurp. to taste life in a new way everyday with innocence and passion. one of my favorite moments with josiah was this past saturday at the creative discovery. we happen to stay on the first floor because to his delight the musical instruments are in abundance and in wide variety. together we found the microphone and proceeded to record the first track on his solo achievement, 'i've been working on the railroad.' we tried it with the echo, with effects, and noises, we even manipulated our voices into the sweetest robotic voices ever. josiah singles out the notes right on tune, taking after his very talented grandpa and mother. i see his freshman work becoming a tribute to the old classics, it'll blow us away, one day.

i managed to get a few of my christmas cards out into the postal service this morning, as i headed off to the workforce here. it's not like i'm a bluecollar. i'm one of the scrubs, in black and chinese flipflops. tonight i've got to finish my end of the deal and get cards to the printers {a.k.a. kinkos}. i can't wait to see my paper quilt series in print. cannot wait to bundle and sell them hopefully one day on etsy. cannot wait to see them in blueskies and in the hands of my friends and family.

the other night out in chickamauga the girls and i were all talking about t-shirts...here are the options: another list of christmas shopping potential(s).

1. Oddica

2. Day-Lab

3. Bella Muse

4. this isn't a t-shirt avenue but you may find some very cool things for husband/baby/toddler or yourself. love the colors! love the shapes! checkout BUILTNY

5. Little Paper Airplanes

6. Elsewares

7. Sam Flores

8. threadless

in other news i have gotten 6 pieces off to the printers, last night, cards galore! i hope they turn out nicely, i waived proofing them, i have to work and they weren't going to let me wait for them last night, such a bummer! i'll go sometime mid-day today to pick them up. i've got to buckle down, research the whole of printing companies....agha! s.o.s!!!!

and i must give a hearty shout out to jennifer kring of tumbleweed creations for her help in making my ornaments for the ornament swap. it has become a swap/trade within a swap. the small or large collabrative effort was nice. she expressed interest in the swap but missed the deadline, so here's to jen...thanks a bunch.

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