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all is getting down to the niddy griddy now. i have a little less than half my shopping left to go with seven busy days to go. this week it is all about the crunch, with brightness between. this weekend was a working one in which i let the apartment go. i have taken a different approach this year and wrapped as i went. so even though i've got the last minute shopping to go, things are only looking half way like holiday. i have shrugged off decorating so far. the harvest tablecloth and garland are still very much apart of my daily-view. i'm wondering about my little bird tree this year and about pompom garland. or the paper bird garland...as yet another option.

it's funny how much i want the decorations hanging above at target. that alone would be the perfect christmas gift. the window seals are removable and reusable {i checked}. i'd like to hang the large paper cuts/sheets inside my windows, i'm wondering, if i timed it just right if i could get some of the decor?

i am thoroughly addicted to the color accent feature on my canon powershot sd450. ahh the blues at christmas time can be so rich and festive. and red. i love martha's woodland wrap, to be a red bird at christmas.

this past friday night i went to my brother ethan's first annual collier construction christmas party. seeing my brother in that context was incredible. the meal was nice, the wait was really great and being with mary was so very nice. she and i are growing closer and i appreciate her so much. i haven't got sisters but because of mary and laurie, suzanne and emily i have been given four sisters. and then there's kate and jen and erin p. holy cow!

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