on target now:etsy sale too!

i reserved the temptation to pick up these wooden chinese dolls at target last night. when i went to gateway with my aunt a couple of weekend's back, i saw and picked up a wooden doll that was similar to these but taller and unpainted {i didn't purchase it either}. i should have bought that one, it seemed older and less manufactured.

i have put almost all of my art up for sale on etsy. i mean discounted prices, almost all of them are half off the original asking price. i also have put two of my paper quilt collage pieces up for sale both the fish and the robot. the blue bird paper quilt is not for sale because i do not own it anymore.

here are a list of of pieces and they're original:sale price.

1. Crimepays: was $200.00 now $100.00 (black gallery frame)
2. Poison Tree: was $400.00 now $250.00
3. Der Hund: was $150.00 now $100.00 (black gallery frame)
4. Recycled Air: was $400.00 now $275.00 (black frame/matted white)

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. have a good weekend and take care you guys.

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