WIP:pretending/posturing tree:bitter water

i am terribly sorry about the long, overly descriptive title of this post. i have no idea why i feel it necessary to include every bit of this painting's title, quite ridiculous, isn't it. considering i usually have a very difficult time with titles, this one came about, a very big no brainer. i'm really excited about the progress i have made. knowing the work on this tree is coming quickly to an end. the last few details are on the table and i probably just need one or two more free nights to complete it. i took a huge break over the holidays, all the way back to thanksgiving, because my family was coming over and i had several holiday projects underway that this painting seriously took a back seat. no more!!!

i am starting off the year exactly the way i looked forward to. last night i finished the second {very small & quick} read of the year. david sedaris' "holiday on ice." so unlike the last book i read, this one is very different, quite opposite and jaw-cringing. despite. afterall, i am fond of taking turns in my reading. i tend to read a couple of books by the same author in a row, then move on. i read "me talk pretty one day" by sedaris, last year and enjoyed it, as embellished truth, not complete fiction. these books have very raw tendencies that tend to make you want to cringe. sometimes so sarcastic, so painful that i had to question whether i should ever read something of sedaris' again. although i'm sure i will because i'm totally interested in barrel fever and naked. but the reviews speak to his irreverent verbage and off the wall collection of thoughts-stories. his six christmas stories remind me of how angry i was in highschool, how desperate i was to be free and rid myself of the norm. i am not sure if this book has any redemptive qualities, it is thought provoking and if you're like me; you'll enjoy the writing style and word choice, sentence structure is so nice. as i read i often tend to attempt to copy the writing style of the author. awh what a dork. that is my review.

bside: the little red mailorder envelope arrived yesterday{big thank you to amy!!!}. slide beneath my apartment door awaiting my anticipation and glee!!! i am going to try an tackle several things in january.

a. instead of a button wreath; i've got a styrofoam ball and i think it might be nice to make a large button ball to hang in a hallway arch...

b. i'm going to finish pretending/posturing tree:bitter water^

c. complete this WIP

d. enter this exhibit and benefit, but first find out what the deadline is. i know i'll enter my fish and robot

e. send nina a package of cool vintage things

f. begin to collect and eventually send a valentine package

g. work on the cross stich and other projects in mailorder #5

meanwhile will continue to walk everyday, eat right and cut back on the s.m.o.k.e. my january 2007 looks full but i'm willing to try for it. why not?


erbspubs said...

I love this piece. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

That piece is really neat! I want to see the finished version, too.

David Sedaris is painfully funny. I grew up about 15 miles from where he grew up, so I at least get the "hey! I've been there!" moments as cheer in the midst of all of the angst.