Newest:Red&Pink Paper Quilt Collage

yeah yeah yeah. i am so excited about my new paper quilt collage. i actually did what i said i wanted to do. i finished this collage in a timely fashion. last night i came home from work and instead of taking a nap i sat and "diligently" completed the drawing parts:the "eyeball" flowers and the baby blue bird in the top left hand corner. funny! the blue bird is an exact replica of a previous bird drawing, well sort of. but i wanted to explain that both of these finished squares were indeed hand drawn, not photocopied or traced. it is important to me that there is an element of my own skill in a collage like this, kindof graphic and geometeric in nature. sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?

i'm so pleased. i feel my abilities are growing and that these new collage endeavors are going to be better than the last ones. i've decided to do a quilt collage in every color. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. a nice even total of eight collages.

i was able to begin the next in the series, no not orange, but blue. i have a few WIP photos in my flickr acct, see paper quilt series set.

i'm going to put off review ahab's wife for another day. and i'm not sure about the rest of the week and week-end. working here and at the rx until sunday evening. take care my friends.


amber said...

the collage is beautiful!

linda said...

Your new red and pink collage is beautiful. I got a cathy collier original among my b-day cards this year, so very pretty.

Mom said...

I think your work is maturing. I continue to be fascinated by your use of bright colors. Very, very nice.