one hundred percent exposure

happy valentine's day. a day late, a dollar short. i have attempted to get this post up and out of here and it's not working. i feel out numbered. in a corner of thought i cannot escape. i am in the middle of fixing a billing error here at the office, stretching back to the mid of o' five. i have temporarily lost interest. yesterday was so great though.

i left my apartment early to pick up a package at the post office before work. how's a valentine package to start of your day right? this one was so fantastic. i will post and share photos very soon. a little piece of heaven wrapped up especially for me, waiting for me to open. i only wish it might happen everyday. thank you so much jen! it was so much fun to share with my coworkers*the littlest change purse was a magnificant hit. goodness.

i cannot wait to make make make some art:collage with my new paper {vintage wallpaper pieces-omg! more great stuff from jen}. it's really bad that i haven't started anything new. i know. i just wanted to cross stitch. which reminds me: i ended up looking around a bit for graffiti cross stitch. check this out, those of you who regularly check in with whipup might rememer-i don't. anyway i knew my idea wasn't original and i wanted to follow up and share. i would really like to get my hands on a free version of the PC Stitch program...anyone have any ideas?

and the black and white self portrait. unga! i have the great threadless shirt on that kate gave me for my birthday. still a very happy thing for me to have been given. walking away from my desk to exercise is good. i am keeping up. i am not losing weight, but my goodness, i took a four month-"i'm pissed off" break from walking and climbing fifteen flights of stairs everyday. this will be the third year in a row that i have tried to make a conscience effort-improving my health, my five foot tall body can't carry around the blubber, my self esteem shouldn't have to succumb to it's own self ridicule, i should have enough discipline, enough self respect to do something about the cottage cheese. i relapsed a bit {i'm in denial (alot)} in august, honestly before then. i still haven't picked up a whole hellofa lot of meat-beef-dead-flesh, but the diary the diary the dairy. i still don't drink any cows milk-just soy and i don't use real butter and i'm looking into egg replacer. cheese is hard to resist and cigarettes are still apart of my daily diet. thank god i'm not addicted to all things sugar, my weakness is a bag of sour cream and onion ruffles potato chips-yum yum! so the process is slow but i haven't given up. and i am holding at an over weight amount of one hundred and forty seven pounds...woohoo! my goal should be one hundred and seventeen but i'm just shooting for one thrity nine. whatayathink?


Mom said...

Keep at it honey. You have done so well and you look great!
I enjoyed our chat this afternoon. It is great to have a daughter that is also a good friend.
I love you,

amber said...

so honest. it's great. i only wish i had the courage to do the same. knowing that my in-laws and distant relatives in CA read my blog often keeps me from posting more than my children's smiling faces. what i fail to mention are days like today when it is possible that i might just go crazy!

it was great meeting you at the ten show. maybe i have already said that....hope to see you around sometime soon!

ellia said...

awwww happy valentines day to you too!!! and how admirable that you took so much dairy out of your diet.... good thing you dont live in wisconsin- cheese is everywhere!!!!! take care my sweet cat :)