waking in the dark

i dislike waking up in the morning and it being dark outside still. i feel fragile in the morning, most of the time i wake up extremely grumpy and cannot imagine what it must be like to wake up with a husband and children. i know that most of my lifestyle would have to change if all of a sudden there were other people in the morning. i enjoy loading the dishwasher in the morning. i make a pot of coffee every three days or so and i microwave a cup at a time. i try and take a twenty six minute nap between my first job and my second job. i only drink soy milk. it is more expensive but it lasts and lasts, much longer than moo milk.

i am really really really excited about a future participation opportunity in the paper quilt project. i know it sounds dorky but i really care alot about what is going on here on the great big www. i like the paper craft community and all the greatness it has to offer. my most recent inspiration, as of today, aaron tucker. he seems to like squares too. i want some snap cups!!! seen first at happy mundane and then on d*s.

i only recently began going to a new hair salon, my hair dressers name is jenny. i used to cut and dye my hair all of the time. i have never had my nails done acrylic style. and i went to little five in atlanta once and bought a bottle of electric blue hair dye. never bleached or permed before, it looked old and grey. much like the photo above. i worked a tad more on the welcome tree last night. i have nothing to show for it yet. i was too busy watching television, catching up with oprah's school in south africa. unga bunga. i am already looking forward to the weekend. i cannot wait. i have been listening to the decemberists like a mad woman.

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