WIP:red&pink paper quilt collage

today has been a bit hectic around here. the president came through at around eleven thirty a.m. my coworkers and i spent an hour looking for the best place to see him from. we finally stood about one hundred yards from his white tent. i took photos even though now, in retrospect, i wasn't really supposed to. everyone was using their cameraphones. see more if you'd like here.
i know that a whole lot of people were probably stuck in traffic {katie}, i am glad i was here at work.

i am finally able to show my newest work in progress. the next in my paper quilt collage series. not to be confused with this paper quilt project hosted by the lovely dawbis. i have just a few more touches to make, oughta have it wrapped up by this evening with new photos and a option to buy it out of my etsy account in the next week or so. i will be making quite a few of these so keep your eye out, for your favorite monochromatic paper quilt collage. i also have an all woman show coming up in april, hopefully. and i'd like to have one of every color of the rainbow.

i also finished reading ahab's wife the night before last and have started reading truelove by patrick o'brien, who also wrote master and commander. i thought i'd stick to the sea for a little while longer. i'll have a review in a couple of days. it's on my list of things to post about.

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katiek said...

Looks good Cat! I think these will be very fun to do and a great set with perfect continuity.