my head is pounding as i mentally try to make a list of all the things that i would like to accomplish in april, then in may. i am at uoha as well, with casting crowns and third day simultaneously worshipping. my praise is mute in the morning and i seem to remember a few weeks or months ago that i felt overwhelmed and overbooked, much as i do now. come to think, it isn't all about just one thing.

immediately i am thankful for a weekend without much external commitment. i am grateful that tomorrow morning i get to transport six or so pieces to FT, what a light in the darkness. an art showing opportunity i can handle, one that isn't as intimidating as gallery exhibiting. i am so glad i was able to muster up the energy to complete the orange paper quilt last night {sorry nonew fotos}. i also got three of my paintings sides painted no time or money to frame the unframed. in the depths of my depths i am hoping that the people who train at FT are filled with inspiration and possibly the desire to purchase my art. i feel slightly vunerable about sending out this small forest i've started to create. i am going to take crimepays and recycled air and i work so hard, just incase. i have got to come up with a price list and tags for the back of the paintings (correspondence). i'd even like to have an artist statement:intent to hang, as well as cards to sell and moo's to spread. blasted!!!

my mind from here is is on the future. taxes are due, car payment and car insurance and half of december osix rent is due. i'm in a financial crunch and i'll leave the rest. no complaining, just god see me through. i dare not borrow, dare not be negative afterall the car is full of gas and fourteen bucks in my bumblebee wallet isn't so bad.

may brings with it the clothesline show and finishing up all of the paper quilts. i have yet to start the black:white:grey quilt, hoping it will come easily. i have decided on hanging der hund, the robot and the fish. and i have an extra canvas board i may just have to do a tree:squirrel to go along. grand total ten pieces. they are small works i will price below $100 bucks, framed in light wood {last minute @ framewrights/thinking of ikea frames}. a passage for me. united work, a continuity i've been striving for for so so so long. may also brings my participation in the best project ever. the paper quilt project. promising and delightfully inspiring. i cannot wait. and and and i signed myself up for jennifer's five senses swap.

i am now wondering if i will ever do any heavyduty apartment cleaning ever again. wondering if laundry is ever going to be clean. and wishing i had more vegan whole wheat-grain waffles for saturday's breakfast. take care my friends.

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katiek said...

I'm proud of you doing all this crunch work. It's a lot but it's worth it, because time after time it'll ge easier and you'll have groove. Great Job!! Your work will make FT so pretty!