*making me happy*

it is amazing to me that sam and liam are actually here. i decided that i could not stay away from the hospital this past weekend. the temptation was so great. and here in the yellow cap is sam. and in the white cap, little liam. funny how babies change the instant they are born. according to laurie, sam was fairly active in the womb and now after having entered the world, has become chill and quiet. liam on the other hand was stressed a bit in the womb, crushed underneath sam and now as you see in alvin huffine's arms is more alert and active. yesterday i went to see them before they went home and they were in their little tanning beds. oh my oh my. laurie and aaron are doing really well. they were really eager to get home, to show their boys their rooms and the giraffe, to sleep in their own beds. laurie can actually breath now, previously so much pressure. aaron will be off a little and then will have to go back to school to finish up the year and he'll be out for the summer. we are going to have an awesome summer. i cannot wait. cannot.
i have plenty to accomplish and have nothing to show. i have been working my paper quilt project piece and should be finished by the end of the week. right now i don't feel like showing it to anyone. and i've gotta the rest of my five senses swap together. and clothesline at the end of the week.


katiek said...

oh liam look a lot like aaron in that picture! It is so happy. SO happy for the C-clan, and so much more hapiness to come. Can't wait to meet these boys! I love boys.

Mom said...

Hi Honey,
Your blog makes me happy! I love, love, love the twilight trees. The black background with the bright colors really appeals to me. I still really love the painting you did years ago of the fruit on the black background. I have it in the kitchen on the buffet.
I am excited about the clothesline show - I have heard a lot of buzz about it.
I love you baby,

Michelle D said...

Yay! Being an Auntie is SO much fun! So happy for you and family. The boys are beautiful:)