the twilight trees:revealed!!!

the twilight trees is the last piece i'll will have made madly for the clothesline show, coming up, right around the corner, beware. it is a depature from the previous paper quilts that i made only because i'm pressing toward the future, larger, more detailed pieces. practicing on a smaller 9"x9" before a 3'x2' or something like that. the repetition is there in the pattern of squares as a collage under"painting" and then a dark dark blue to create the tree imagery. i am also very attracted to the positive+negative space element. i think it works fairly well and am excited about continuing in this new direction.

the painting below is one that a friend gave me and i'm planning to create a landscape, i've started in the bottom right hand corner, circles of green. the blue is brillant and a large portion of the painting will remain much like a sam flores painting with my own style. more flowers, trees, and birds.

i have also been wanting to share this quilt with you all. i didn't make it and i don't know who did but it is hanging at one of my friends house and when the light shines through it i'm aghast at the beauty and craftmanship. i finally got pictures and think it is the best. i especially love the green shapes which remind me of lovely little war tanks. you're welcome to view more photos over in my flickr account. as always i'd love to know what you think, don't hesitate. have a good day friends and family!


amber said...

i like the twilight trees painting and am looking forward to seeing a collection of your work at the clothesline show. hope that you are doing well.

jen said...

cat... the twilight trees rock! I love the new positive/negative thing you're doing there... so great, really!!!