pangs of home

feeling slightly, pangs of homesickness i made my way back on saturday evening. starting out on the road at around nine and not getting back home until five on sunday morning. i have never quite felt these strange pulls in both directions. it was the first year i have ever entirely enjoyed the shore, the sand and waves, shell hunting and sunning. but a simultaneous sinking arose inside of me, a feeling of wanting to be home. home working, painting, riding bikes, playing tennis, playing with my nephews, seeing my sister's, sleeping in my own big bed.

we stayed in the gulf and played in the gulf, ate well, watched zodiac, laughed hard, took a whole lot of photos, but still i wished in some way i was home. so much on my mind. it was beautiful, more clear and hot than ever before. less humid and crowded than i ever remember it being. i got a new pair of reefs, the same style but one size smaller, they had no fives.

i have not a whole lot more to offer. i am just trying to get caught up.


Your Mom said...

Hi Sweet Girl,
I really missed you while you were away. I kept thinking about you and wanting to call you.
We need to plan an afternoon together - you know - lunch and museums, shops, photographing. Let's plan something soon.
I love you,

amber said...

the beach sounds amazing! glad to hear that you enjoyed your time and are now safely at home.