the week before a weekend off i often have fleeting thoughts of saturday sleeping in and all day pajama wearing-painting and collage making. sipping hot sour coffee, with honey butter toast, and a little smidgen of the darkest dark chocolate. i'd like to read in bed and watch tennis on television instead of sweating it out in the humidity. except i must get new tires on my car, oil, brake and maintanence. plus willingly spend a delightful morning breakfast with my mom & dad. dirty sweaty clothes have got to be washed and packed for my tuesday beach departure. and a clothesline checking account awaits my opening. i have a project, art list that is stacking up. and i want to, want to read my newly aquired magazines. i am all together torn up about how as an adult, time flys by, barely exists as a substantial point at all.

it isn't worth landing yet. in the midst of a short day yesterday i went ahead and ordered up a scramble of stickers, only a book.
i would humbly like to add...that on the twenty ninth of this month of july, phantomcrimes will be turning 3 years old. i think i've got some three hundred and ninty six posts under my belt and well i am not so sure what else to say. have a very nice weekend you all.
i may see you back here on monday. if not i'll be back in at the beginning of august.

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katiek said...

oh my goodness those stickers are awesome!! How could we make those work. I guess we really couldn't, little too small?