seasonally sore:{sunburnt}

every morning without fail a strong cup of coffee with a foamy splash of soy, quietly wakes me up and makes the rest of my day, seriously possible. i often wonder if in order to quit my tobacco addiction, i might also have to give up on my morning cup of joe and soy. as it is now, i'm on the brink of setting a quit now date but i'm scared to death of failing, this seemingly unsurmountable obstacle.

turning over a new leaf: another unsurmountable obstacle i have learned to face and overcome more recently has been the purchase of shorts. two pair of shorts, as in a sporty pair of pale blue grey and irishy green, to bike or run in. i was growing sick of my personal embarrassment, the dreaded milky white skin tone of my legs. ever so pissed off by wearing jeans though i decided to magically disappear the white with a miraculous application of a self tanning product. i can't remember the last time i wore a pair of shorts in public, it's mean skirt style for several years now has finally taken it's toll. i am thrilled beyond belief at this new part of me i can feel comfortable exposing to the world. ahh! r.e.l.i.e.f.

on saturday i spent a portion of my day poolside and sun soaking. my office manager opened her home and pool to us office girls, a pre-beach pool party. it was so-so nice to be outside in the sun, but i certainately fooled myself into thinking that i wasn't getting burnt, self tanning has it's flaws, i fell into denial. heck last year i was going to the tanning bed and i never once felt or got burnt. i do believe, though not scientifically, that a base burn is necessary. after all the sandy gulf sunburn so far away from home isn't all that pleasant. and it's four days of beach in three weeks that i am preparing my milky white for.
gosh but saturday evening as i zombied into the pharmacy i thought i was going to passout. fortunately i made and happily felt warmed and frozen in my sunburnt state.

sunday was a workday again and afterward a family time at the parentals, as it poured buckets of rain upon our part of the little earth. sunday night i actually took a bike ride, more casual, to check out parts of the passage at night. it was a rather less productive weekend but one of growing peace. i have a pile of things to accomplish. procrastination has me by the ankles, or should i say by the throat. i've got a list and slowly but surely i'll be marking things off, and updating. packages, swaps, artwork, clothesline, laundry, bathroom cleaning, and vaccuming, asian slaw for the fourth, and so much more. hope you all are keeping up and blessings are indeed flowing throw this summer season. peaceandlove.


ellia said...

well.... hmmm, the only way i quit smoking was when i got pregnant with diego... and while there has been temptation, i know i am not a mild smoker... i can easily go to a pack a day... and because i have kids around me alllll day and night, there is no way i'd subject them to that habit.... (especially since i'd smoke more than one a day lol)...

and i havent worn shorts in years either! i stick with skirts... but when you have thighs and a bootay, shorts tend to do the creep up in the middle, eh! hahaha! skirts are so much simpler!! congrats on getting a couple pairs and not letting it all get to you!!!! self consciousness can really put a toll on a person!!

btw, back to the smoking bit... i am drinking coffee now so that wasnt given up... going to certain coffee shops were, though! i was such a heavy smoker that i'd walk all over town and just smoke my lungs away... so sometimes even walking makes me think of back when i had my own alone time and i'd just roam and smoke.... i dont have any other advice on quitting but some things you may only have to give up temporarily ;)

katiek said...

I love your pretty pictures in this post. I am proud of you getting shorts and biking, I wish I could bike with you! As far as quitting smoking, you know I will help you as much as I can, because I love you very much! Whatever you need! I know its not easy AT ALL. I look forward to you coming over tonight!!