week in color:black&white

there is a first time for everything so i thought it might be fun to do a black & white apparel post. why the heck not? afterall aren't we in the throws of summer and isn't a classic sizzling hot fashion guru always going to suggest a little b&w. plus i must say i haven't quite gotten over an inwardly giddy feeling from yet another clothes shopping success! my mother must be the good luck charm or is it the bike rides? whichever, honestly, every single article of clothing i pulled from the racks, when tried on fit me perfectly. it was the second time in my adult life that i actually had some kind of choice. i suppose it wouldn't be that big of a deal except that i am under five feet tall. in recent years i was kind of round or plump or chubby. two or three years of really cutting out the meat and diary and exercising as much as possible has proved the diet scientists right and that i can once again fit into really nice affordable, well made, smaller sized clothing. ooo, do miracles happen or what?

apparel inspiration:have fun browsing the black and white:

the dunny patterned bag

terror of the sea necklace @ day-lab


ping pong vader shirt @ oddica

Grey Barcode Large Flat

damselfly tank @ anthropologie

last but not least the essential: Rodeo Gingham Side Tab Shorts

have a great black and white sort of day.

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jen said...

nice b&ws, cat! I have been loving your week in color posts... seeing thru your eyes is quite a treat!

congrats on the shopping success... why doesn't that happen more, i say!??? anyways, I will live vicariously through you as I get bigger an bigger with this kiddo...

mary f. is having a clothing swap next week... I'm bringing loads of stuff... if you're interested, give me a yell & we'll go 2gether! should be fun....