week in color:orange.pink.red

as you've probably noticed, i am nearly never near phantomcrimes on the weekend. so i am wrapping up a great week in color, today. its been exciting to see everyone's week in color efforts. andrea has got color down wouldn't you say. i love how her view of color is a balance between family life, still life, urban life, past, present and future. she's building upon all of these fantastic life experiences and it's a joy to be thankful for color with her. in the same way, hannah has honed in on a week in color shoe theme. it's unique and experimental and special too. i'm wondering what her red and orange and pink days will be like, more shoes in those colors?

then there's kate and her spur of the moment, spontaneous, catchup participation. i'm totally impressed and am still in love with her day with the koi foto set.

exciting too is linda's contribution!!! i love her color chosen photos. they are yet another gift. little reminders of beauty. a celebration of her family and the color surrounding her on a daily basis.

last but not least, i think joy has brought her scraping full circle with her week in color. again it's about family and how she and her children are represented in color, paper color and more and more photo color.

i suppose if you've been participating and i've missed you here, you ought to let me know or someone know, so that we can love on your week in color with you.

and i've been painting, of course i've got a whole lot more to accomplish, but at least i picked up a paint brush. i also sprung and got a couple of these, anyone want to join in the racketeering?
have a great weekend everyone, i'm outta the blogworld until next week.peace.

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