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yesterday i had every intention in the world at my fingertips. i began to write and got completely hung up on a day full of big things and small things. i rarely have an opportunity to share the real things the living parts of my life with any true depth. i often feel like phantomcrimes rides a wave, guided by an invisible force, a moon, that i don't feel attached to. a current or a pit of quiksand. it's funny how in the midst of a pile of work, art projects, and a pile of family, i have become the multitasker i never would've imagined i could be. fascinating, really. and honestly when it comes to grunt work, like folding and putting away laundry i can say any part of me that could multitask at that point, hides beneath the bed.

see, blogging for ethan and mary and caleb is really what i want to do. the daily updates, the joy in following their journey is something i wouldn't miss out on for the world. when i get to work in the mornings i almost immediately check my email for an update from kokshetau, KAZ. it takes a tedious amount of time to upload photos, copy, paste, edit, and moderate the comments. in the middle of it all, caleb b. collier! it is with a grateful heart that i blog for him. it is with an ever pressing reminder, a call to humility that i participate in this family life with two new baby boys (above). one sam and one liam. each a little pleasure. each a part of learning and wanting to multitask. i wouldn't know what to do if i were their mother, so happy to be their aunt.

clothesline is seriously creeping up on me. i mean seriously. and with clothesline comes a massive multitasking opportunity. last night i know i spent a straight hour on the telephone and that's nothing in comparison to the efforts of the other artists. aside from the work i am encouraged in our grassroot effort. clothesline has to be a constant reminder though, that learning is work, the challenge is contagious and sprinting to the finishline is something else i really want to do, would never trade it for a world of power. and with this venture, my ego might arise, so it's staying accountable and aware too, apart of multitasking the attitude. and last but not least there is the amount of art i'd like to have produced for the show. it will be nearly impossible for me to have ready, six pieces. as it stands i've got two completed.

mostly i want to make sure that you, the ones who are reading get to see, learn, be inspired by what i have found.

createhere: has found it's way into my forest of thought. i entered their bumper sticker contest as well. my offering: "where is all the graffiti?"
meaning: what the hell is wrong with throwing up a nice beautiful piece of wall art. who gives a ____ about gangs, i mean what gangs? the city government oughta learn something about the difference between a gangtag and piece of hi-q graf. i believe a city with zero record-effort of good clean current graffiti is a city that lacks appeal on a modern art level, where is the contemparary work of young urban artists? do you have what it takes to make or take photos of chattanooga's premier graffiti, if there is such a thing?

oh yeah, now i'm feeling it.

i want this and believe it or not it's going up for sale!!! and she's a teacher now. her words on the phone the night before last were so incredibly inspiring, more than a tear dropped, my jaw dropped. her words to her new highschool students, as close as i can come to remembering: i can't she's going to have to fill in the blanks for me.

anticipating the arrival of readymade in my mailbox!!! thanks a million mom!

okay so are you fascinated or inspired. i didn't have as much to say as i thought i might. oops.

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