so many hits

i couldn't figure out for the life of me, why in the world this photo was getting the hits it was getting. until of course today. surfing the web turf i came across this post with a link to my photo. unga! it's the sixth link, if you're curious and don't wanna sift through, amazing, isn't it? i'm not amazing i mean, it's amazing that a simple photo of my moo stickers would be used:found. i suppose i feel sheepish about the exposure, or wish in some ungrateful sense that i could chose my exposure. heck i really don't care, it is just so much fun, all of it, it's just a sweet little peck on the cheek, when someone finds something you've created and likes it enough to post about it. thanks denise.
moo and all of it's offerings is incredible, nearly brilliant, so close in it's ways and means it makes me crazy. i ended up using the stickers as envelope seals with my cards. the cards and stickers correspond.

i worked at the rx last night. one of my coworkers was assaulted, yesterday afternoon, by a woman who was attempting to steal beer. the woman threatened to pull a gun and my coworker, we'll call her LS, proceeded to grab the woman's purse away from her, all escalated and the cops were called but didn't get to the rx in time to catch this female and her male accomplice. my manager did happen to get their tags and a piece of skin, so to speak. it's never been that insane when i'm there from six until nine. i really don't want that kind of action.

ethan and caleb are flying through the air, on their way home, from Kazakhstan, today. the anticipation has been steadily growing and i know my sister in law is about to burst, it's like the second round, another incredible day, a reunion. i cannot wait!

bye now.


Denise said...

Thank you for making such nice stickers.
I consider myself really lucky that people are making such great stuff to link to - it really helps!

Thank you for such a lovely write up too. Regardless of the work side of things, your comments have made my day!

katiek said...

That's cool about the stickers! Neato! I am so excited for Ethan and Mary, and your whole family! What a celebration! Praise God!