can't help myself:please forgive me

the urge to share just a smidgen of what i have been working on lately was just too great, the temptation overpowering. only because i have had these things going for quite sometime and now having ninty nine percent of each piece, there are two, finished, all i have wanted to do is share.

so instead of sharing a whole lot of new art i'll share somethings i have found recently while surfing. it takes a whole lot of time to surf and for many of you it's not a priority, but if you're a regular reader, you might find some of these things a little bit interesting.

i decided to get an early start on purchasing some christmas cards. actually there was no deciding, i really just wanted these from onegoodbumblebee. i am also very excited about lara's new work with flickr and moo. her holiday designs are perfect, i mean really perfect. in the fresh new colorful sense of the word perfect! thank you lara!

i'm not sure about you but these cards from joy by mel lim are a must have! don't get me wrong i'm not quite able to justify purchasing more cards quite yet. only because i've got two little desk drawers full of my favorite stationary and cards. but as soon as i've depleted one of my sets i'm going into purchase. thanks to nicole at freshly{blended} for enlightening us to this amazing artist-designer.

i'm not going to have time to participate in the ornament or postcard swap this year, i'll have deadlines breathing down my neck come december 1. but i did want to share for those not up on the news that both sponsers host an ornament swap and a postcard swap. for the ornament swap keep checking in with fb here. and the postcard swap will be hosted by NIKKI-SHELL.

rachel b. started pleaseplantme, i'm consistently amazed by this young woman, thought i'd share.

and if were have a little bundle o joy, i'd be purchasing this! unframed is a little more affordable.

i now feel like there is something i have forgotten to mention, i'm sure it doesn't matter much. have a nice weekend folks! go wish this one happy birthday!


katiek said...

thanks for all the eye candy. I'll have to tell you about mine, UNGA. But I got lots of happy birthday's you're great, and I hope to see you Sunday.

Hollabee said...

Thanks for the links...a great read!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the christmas tree cards Cat, so cute!! Georja

rachel burgos said...

thanks cat. you're wonderful.