hardboiled needs help

whether you know it or not i have been in a month or more of transition. it may or may not have been obvious, i'm not even sure if i have even been that cut and dry about it, but the rumors are true, whatever they may be. all is in transition. all of my life up to this point is changing. somethings you know about, for instance, cutting back on part time work at the rx, inorder to make more art. somethings you don't know about and won't ever really know a whole lot about until it has already happened. but i'm seeing how this transition may change how much i'm able to post. i don't know how much that matters to you. whether or not you'd miss me or if anyone would even really notice. well yes of course you'd notice, i might be exaggerating a tad bit. i am thinking that i may actually need help, your help, maybe. this transistion incompasses a whole lot of little things, culminating into the big picture sort of thing, a future, my future.

the most imminent: i am really in need and in desperate want of a laptop computer. it has been a goal, a wish, a dream of mine to own my own little piece of techheaven. i'd like to purchase a laptop in two to four weeks. i would rather not purchase a used laptop unless it is top of the line. i would like to purchase a mac, no dell. i looked at hp's but aren't familiar with the hp technology at all. i am like most of you, i will be using my laptop for wireless internet, graphic design and art, communicating via email, but no movies/dvd's, and probably not a whole lot of music. my price range is between $1500 to $2000, i am aware of pricegrabber and others who have discounted rates, they don't matter to me as much. to compare my feelings about a laptop to my purchase of a brand spankin new vehicle is to understand i'm not in the mood to pay for repairs, i'm not in the mood for second best, i'm not really interested in deals or rebates, i just need the specs of Ghz and GB and pixels, width and screen size. do i need two usb ports? can you finance a mac, i have heard of jupiter but what's that about? what? what do you like, what has worked for you? are you a mac person or another kind of person?

okay, enough is enough. next, no comcast! so what's left? no charter! right? so is the epb up and going and is it the best, or i'm i going to have to get screwed by comcast? help me make these very simple decisions.

i'm trying to think if there's anything else...don't think so. thank you guys for all of your help in advance. and it seems to me that you really liked all of the cool links! i'll try to keep that going. byenow.


Anonymous said...

You can get very nice factory refurbished Macbook on the Mac website for under $1500. That is how I got my Powerbook and I don't regret it at all. The only thing I would say is make sure you splurge on the $300 warranty.

katiek said...

well you know my feelings about used. I"m always used all the time. Down to the shoes on my feet and the carseats my kids ride in. So I'm not really in agreement with your price range. My laptops have been around or under $400. and my HP lasted almost 3 years. That's amazing for technology. I love the Macs, I am pro Mac. One day someone will employ me and buy one for me. Right now, I'll get what I can, it's not about investment it's about connection. Yep, comcast is about $60 a month. That's the best deal as of now. You get 13 channels and internet. You can always try to pirate signals or go to cafe's.