into their arms

i think life in it's real physical way has taken over and blogland has become a minor scene. life in it's delightfully unpredictable way has taken it's turn in the game. i'm subject to be a witness, to take a breath, to lay sight upon, to watch and to feel all that begins in the morning and ends in the evening. on inwhich an introduction is due, to new life in this family, another branch in the family tree begins it's sprouting, it's growth. caleb b. welcome! come in, stay for awhile. enjoy and take joy little boy! we are all so happy for you and your mom and dad. we have loved you for so long, waited so long, your mom and dad have worked so hard to have you, hold you, call you theirs and now a celebration of your life begins. we cannot wait to see you play and make trouble with all of your boy cousins. we can't wait to hear your first words and we definitely can't wait until you begin to talk back. to tell us how you feel and think, it all will be fun.

aside from this little boy becoming apart of my life i feel like i've taken a break, not one purposefully. just so haphazardly i suppose. i long to have the evenings off. it is shocking i know but i am now finally aware of the toll having two jobs has taken on me. i don't feel like battling the torn feeling i get when family and work pulls at me. i am beginning to feel numb about it all. i must be honest about the transistion i find myself in though, and a good transition. in many ways, shapes and forms i am finding through help, a new me, a new line of thought and need to just relax. it's difficult to explain, especially because i'd like the real important stuff to stay well close. but the big things are as you all know already. quitting cvs. quitting smoking. joining a gym. making art and having a total of 8 paper quilts published. there are two commissions that must be completed and i'm struggling with time. like i said the war with time has been going on for about three years now. i also am learning to take action and to well, think more positively. it isn't really all that natural of me to be so happy and cheerful and exploding with joy, but simply smiling at people has been a challenge as of late. a challenge i really ought to practice.

finally i am just so thankful that caleb has found his way into his parents arms. i mean what else can i ask for? have a wonderful weekend. i cannot promise anything but hopefully i'll be back with some completed art...uh?


katiek said...

I love that picture of Ethan and Caleb. So happy for the whole Collier Clan! And I am always here for you as you work toward your goals. I'd love to start walking in the mornings. If I can get my ass out of bed. I need to start practicing or Josiah going to school next fall will be a rude awakening!

Anonymous said...

I love the close up pic of ethan and caleb, how cute! As for life slowing down after you quit your second job, who knows, i hope that goes better for you than it has me. i don't know how i got everything accomplished when i worked two jobs, b/c i still stay so busy!!! i miss you, we really need to get together, but that goes back to this time subject we're talking about~~~where does it go? Love ya, Georja

Aunt Cathy said...

Hey Cath,give me a call about friday night

Mom said...

Hi Sweetie,
I love your blog about Caleb. It is almost poetic.
I am looking forward to our brunch on Saturday.
I love you,