down the days

talk about one dreary day. chattanooga is seeing it's share of the coldmuck these days. our schools close on account of wet roads, and children's imaginations drift and are deferred to the television on days like today. i would like my crossword puzzle book and an endless supply of the very best frothy coffee in the world. i would also like to do everything. for instance, be in two places at once, socializing and sleeping simultaneously. i'd like to learn to dance like the girls behind hiphops top word experts. i'd like to travel just a little, not so much. i'd at least like to have my own covered parking place. i'd like to try and paint everyday, just like my friend is trying to do.

i cannot wait until friday the twenty fifth.

and oh next wednesday too.

i'd like to have free CARTA internet everyday. i'd also like to beat my mac's chess game for once already


Jared said...

TV makes kids use there imagination. Because they have to imagine that there is something worth watching.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i gave up on chess. good thing, since it is so addictive. i'm sure bobby fischer would have been glad to see me go...

(who definitely doesn't paint everyday)