pin down

sunday afternoons are strange. they make me feel strange. in the last view hours of the weekend there are all these things i should probably try and do but have no desire to do so. this coming week is filling up fast. monday night i am hitting the town with my sister in laws. the times with them are sweet and mostly a way for us to communicate outside of the grand family gatherings. on thursday night i am having a group of my clothesline c0 planners over to discuss and as i have said before, finalize our plans. in the meantime i have got to clean my apartment. for the most part everything is fairly organized but, oh the dusting and vacuuming. i really would like to minimize the amount of stuff i have. i wonder about a way to distribute or pack things in a way that doesn't use up too much space. i might need to rearrange and i am looking for a new sort of coffee table piece instead of the trunk i have been using.

this week might be crucial too, because, i need to begin exercising again. i am struggling with where i am at in my mind with it all. and really would like to defer from the subject all together. i will say i'm fortunate for not having gained any weight. it isn't as much about the weight as it is about the way i have started to feel. my body has adjusted to getting up earlier but, i should try to walk and run and stretch after work. i could start to feel better in my mind if i took some time to exercise. the good, encouraging things are: drinking more hot tea, going to bed before midnight, taking fruit and miso soup and popcorn for lunch with me to work, new friendships, a bookclub, finishing and having enjoyed the teahouse fire by avery, really thinking about spending money on a condo, happiness at work (finally), also learning to be more emotionally honest. these are all somethings.

friday night, coral castles is playing at jj's. um.

a long time ago i bought a package of those thin round pieces of cork and spray painted them silver and attached a magnet to the back so that i could put it on my fridge and pin stuff to it. i am not sure why you'd want to go down this route, sometimes magnets get old and the silver cork is a nice textured relief from other means of hanging stuff on the fridge. i should be pinning down a whole lot more than i have, sunday afternoons remind me of everything that i should be doing that i am not. so strange and slightly uncomfortable.

georja, this is for you. if you're reading. i'd like to get together too! let's do it. maybe i should have a party of just girls. anyone ever done that before and not have it be a wedding or baby shower? uh?

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Anonymous said...

here's to saturday night....i can't wait!! we've got so much catching up to do..see ya soon...gh